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I am so incredibly grateful for this entire experience - the gratitude I feel for the support and encouragement you all have given me is indescribable. I have made so many new friends and connections; I have heard so many stories which have only fueled my desire to help create better learning and teaching environments in our public schools. Please engage any way you can to help our students and educators!


Putting Her Experience
to Work

Lyn Telford has announced her candidacy for the Fargo School Board election, which takes place on June 14th, 2022.  Lyn is the mom of two FPS elementary students; the daughter, niece, sister and friend of teachers;  a registered nurse; community volunteer; engaged PTA officer; and Board of Health member.

Student success and teacher support will be the focus of Lyn’s candidature. She believes that the best learning environment for students and teaching environment for teachers involves safety, support, respect, creativity, and autonomy. She will focus on balancing the needs of the students, teachers, parents, regulations and budgets.

Lyn believes that strong relationships between staff and students are critical for retention of highly skilled educators, and staff retention further increases the likelihood of student success. Strong relationships between students and staff not only improve student achievement but help reduce burn out, because the staff are more engaged in their work. As a board member, her focus will be to listen to teachers, students, and parents and serve as an advocate for them.


I believe that all students will be successful if the learning environment is one in which the social and emotional needs are met for all students. If elected, I will hold the administration and fellow board members accountable; I expect that from anyone else who is elected. But it is important to me that it is done with respect and collaboration – loud voices might get attention, but they can interfere with progress. I commit to being a reasonable and civil voice for our teachers and students."

Lyn Telford



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